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Expert Matching

ExpertView specialises in finding exactly the right Experts to discuss particular topics with Clients. We take care of all of the logistical aspects of identifying the expert, arranging the consultation and managing payments so that our Clients and Experts can spend their time as productively as possible. We provide the following services:

Telephone Consultations:One-on-one or panel consultations arranged by ExpertView between the Client and the Expert over the telephone or in-person. After receiving a consultation request from a Client, ExpertView searches the ExpertView Network to identify and brief a suitable Expert. A single consultation lasts up to one hour, and may occur over several conversations.

Extended Consultations and Channel Checks: In complex projects, the Client may wish to engage one or more Experts for an extended period to examine various aspects of a proposition. This will be arranged through ExpertView at an agreed rate.

Roundtables and summits: For Clients wishing to seek industry consensus by way of arranging a forum in which two or more Experts will debate the issues surrounding a theme, topic or portfolio and provide both verbal and written assessments with optional periodic updates throughout the year.

Special Projects: ExpertView will undertake bespoke research projects that combine body-of-work reviews with surveys, polls and expert reviews of particular themes at an agreed rate.

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