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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Expert Matching?

The financial services industries are a vital part of the world’s economy. The flow of capital from financiers to businesses creates employment and sustains a wide range of investments; from public and private pension funds to individual investment accounts.

Investment Managers, whose job it is to manage where money is invested, make decisions on where to invest capital based on their understanding of a range of factors that can influence the long or short term returns to their sponsors. These factors can be wide ranging and typically involve continuous assessment of markets, companies, competitive rivalry and economic conditions. Investment professionals will use a range of research materials to ensure that they have as deep an insight as possible into the workings of a particular industry as they make their investment decisions. However, traditional methods such as reading research reports, keeping abreast of industry news and monitoring stock price performance can only provide part of the picture.

Being able to talk to someone who has real world experience and Expertise in an industry can help shed light on issues and industry dynamics that may otherwise be overlooked. The Expert Matching industry focuses on identifying Experts in a given field and arranging for consultations between industry specialists and investment professionals.

ExpertView is an Expert Matching business that provides a framework for consultations between investment professionals and industry Experts. This framework not only provides the primary mechanism for introduction, consultation, billing and payment, but also ensures that all parties are familiar with the key legislation that applies to conversations with investors and have agreed to work within that legislation.

Who can become a registered Expert with ExpertView?

Initially, ExpertView will concentrate on the Media & Entertainment sector, with plans to expand rapidly into the Communications and Technology sectors. Our Experts will be people with extensive experience in these fields, be they academics, industry professionals, or specialist journalists. They will be able to provide intimate knowledge of the sectors that an investment manager may lack.

Who will an Expert speak to and what does a consultation involve?

Our Clients are investment professionals who make decisions on where to invest money based on their understanding of industry, market and competitive dynamics. Generally Investment Managers will have a broad understanding of industry dynamics and will keep themselves up-to-speed with the latest developments and trends. However, they often need to gain a greater depth of understanding on a particular issue; which is where the ExpertView Network comes in. Experts provide opinion on aspects of industries that may inform investment professionals as they make their investment decisions. For example:

  • an investor looking at a publishing business may want to understand how the circulation and distribution model impacts on the P&L; a conversation with an experienced circulation director should take away the mysteries of this esoteric area and improve the investor’s ability to make a judgement.
  • investors currently evaluating the opportunities in the outdoor marketplace may wish to better understand the trading process. The relationship between Clients, advertising agencies, media agencies, specialist buying agencies and outdoor contractors is complex. The impact that this relationship has on margins and profitability is, to many, a mystery. A conversation with an industry specialist should improve a potential investor’s understanding of the industry and enhance their ability to properly evaluate the opportunity.

Why has ExpertView started by focusing on the Media and Entertainment sector?

The partners behind ExpertView have between them over seventy years’ experience in the Media, Entertainment, Technology and Communications sectors. With our common background in Media, we felt it important to begin by concentrating on a sector we understood thoroughly. As we grow, we will be able to bring in more Expertise and develop other sectors in consultation with our Clients.

How do ExpertView identify their Experts?

Our knowledge of the sector has allowed us to identify important areas of likely interest to investors, and identify individuals with key skills in those areas.

What can an Expert tell a Client?

Experts must be thoroughly familiar with our Terms and Conditions before engaging in a consultation. Experts must not disclose anything which may be confidential or be seen to represent a conflict of interest, and should decline to answer any questions which are about their current employer, its products or services. Experts are valued for what they know, not who they work for: discussions may range from an exploration of industry trends, to an examination of particular products in the market. If an Expert feels uncomfortable with any line of question, he or she must decline to answer.

What can a Client ask an Expert?

Clients must be thoroughly familiar with the terms of the Agreement that we have signed with the Client’s firm, and with our Expert Terms and Conditions before engaging in a consultation. Experts are briefed not to answer any question which may induce them to breach confidentiality or other agreements they may have with employers or other parties. If, before a consultation, the Client has any doubts that some areas they may want to discuss may present a conflict of interest for a particular Expert, they should request the opportunity to speak to a different Expert.

What sort of consultations does ExpertView offer?

The bulk of consultations are one-to-one telephone consultations, with ExpertView also offering roundtable discussions, surveys, or research reports as requested. The Expert is not under any obligation to take part in any consultation.

What is ExpertView’s role in the consultation?

ExpertView’s job is to identify Experts relevant to a Client need, introduce the Expert to the Client and arrange a mutually convenient time for them to speak. After this, ExpertView will not take any part in the consultation.

What does ExpertView expect of its Experts?

Experts are under no obligation to take part in a given consultation – and they are encouraged to decline if they feel that taking part may compromise them or entice them to break any existing laws or regulations. However, ExpertView expects to be notified within 24 hours of a consultation request if an Expert intends to decline. Once an invitation has been accepted, ExpertView will schedule a consultation at a mutually convenient time during the next five working days. We expect all scheduled appointments to be kept. We also expect to be informed of any conflicts of interest which may arise in the consultation.

Are consultations treated in confidence?

Absolute discretion is required at all times. The contents of a consultation should not be repeated, published, or passed to third parties by any means. Clients may choose to use the information at their disposal, but not must not disclose any information about the Consultation, nor the personal details of the Expert they have spoken with. Similarly, all information disclosed to an Expert during a consultation, or in preparation for it, must be treated as confidential.

Does ExpertView operate a code of confidentiality?

Yes. We will never disclose Expert details to Clients or others without seeking prior permission. We will never disclose details of our Client base, nor of Client queries. We are fully signed up to the Data Protection Act 1998 and can be reported to the Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for any breach of this act.

How would I be paid as an Expert?

Experts within the ExpertView Network are paid for each consultation. The current average fee will be sent to you in your registration email. We pride ourselves on paying Experts promptly for each consultation that they undertake.

Can I Register as an Expert if I am already employed elsewhere?

Yes, providing that your existing employment agreements do not prevent you from doing so. The majority of our existing Experts are currently employed within industries and we would encourage you to ensure that your employer is comfortable with you participating in the Network before registering. Many employers recognise the benefit of employees being able to network with other industry Experts and financial services professionals through ExpertView.